Fact: I’m hyper competitive and this propels me to excel at things like school and any job I come across, but I have to harness it in a way that isn’t just beneficial to me but also helps others (tutoring, aiding coworkers in getting promoted etc). If not, I become a huge asshole that just steam rolls people.

I had a really shitty day at work, but I came home to a super sweet message from someone who follows FY!QM about how they appreciate it and whatever and now I’m all feelings-y and just, yeah.

Like, sometimes it’s really nice to get a reminder that people actually care about the stuff I write, because yeah, I do it for myself because I enjoy it, but it’s really nice knowing other people enjoy it too. I don’t get a lot of positive reinforcement for the stuff that I like doing, so when I do, it’s a really nice wake-up kick to the chest to keep doing it.

  • friend: i read that book you recommended
  • me: did you like it?
  • friend: loved it!
  • me: good! [pulls out 400 page thesis and tabbed, color-coded binders] let's discuss headcanons
UK: ‘Glee’ ordered to change name after losing trademark ruling

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